Thursday, November 20, 2014

Big Painting AE

Oct. 11

12:00- Intro-
Artists of the movements

History at time- US moving into the forefront of the art worldAmerica in the 1950
Abstract Expressionism emerged in a climate of Cold War politics and social and cultural conservatism. World War II had positioned the United States as a global power, and in the years following the conflict, many Americans enjoyed the benefits of unprecedented economic growth. But by the mid-1950s the spirit of optimism had morphed into a potent mix of power and paranoia. Fueled by the fear of Communist infiltration, Senator Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin unleashed a series of “witch-hunts” against alleged Communist sympathizers. Any hint of subversion could make an individual suspect. One scholar later reflected: “It is ironic but not contradictory that in a society…in which political repression weighed as heavily as it did in the United States, abstract expressionism was for many the expression of freedom: the freedom to creative controversial works of art, the freedom symbolized by action painting, by the unbridled expressionism of artists completely without fetters.”1

Abstract Expressionism and Jazz
Many artists are influenced by the music of their time. Jazz was improvisational and expressive, and several Abstract Expressionists, including Jackson Pollock, cite listening to the music while painting. Norman Lewis worked in Harlem, a predominantly African American neighborhood in New York City known for its artistic, musical, and literary accomplishments, and he often depicted Harlem jazz clubs in his early figurative works. His later abstract paintings seem to integrate the lyricism and spontaneity of jazz. Comparing his technique with that of a legendary trumpeter, Willem de Kooning once wrote: “Miles Davis bends the notes. He doesn’t play them, he bends them. I bend the paint.”
Charcoal draw to Miles Davis King of Blue
Build a canvas
Cut stretchers
Stretch canvas

Colorfield piece
Unsized canvas
pour, brush, roll on watered down paint back of canvas.
Respond to what bled through on the front.
 Set up
Get the materials.
Franz Kline movements.
Adam gets it!
Pause for a constructive critique.
Right back to attack!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Studio Art Camp 2 this past week at SHC

Another Great week!

Day One:
Kicking it off in Japantown.

Hard core students get sad when the stationary store hasn't opened yet. 

Working on the self portrait.

Technique for transferring image.

On our way to the art store and The Cartoon Art Museum.


Drawing at The Cartoon Art Museum.

Pencil drawing for single cell of a TMNT cartoon.

TMNT's favorite show. A spoof on Filmation's Star Trek

A young girls fan art from the early 20th Century.

"What did you think about The Cartoon Art Museum?"

Lunch at Yerba Buena Gardens.

City kids need their specialty drinks.

I could cry when I see this: Sketchbooks replacing smart phones!

Conceptual Self Portrait. The students when right at it with great results.

Results of a very full week!

Very cool boombox (now considered retro)

Love this self portrait!

The simple line of the self portrait really captures the expression.

The fantastic ideas just kept coming. Great execution.

This close up really shows a nicely executed under painting.

Great results after learning  how to control the material.

Amazing how this translates as a self portrait.

A little camera shy.

Very tight technique.

Fantastic SLR camera complete with LCD screen.

Two sisters sitting right next to each other with these big smiles and creating this beautiful work. How could this not make your day?

A full range of work. Different mediums, different concepts and different stylistic approaches- love it!

Great! A strong range of approaches. Loved this conceptual piece.

Nice drawing with a strong sense of composition for the whole spread!

Two very different self portraits. Love it!

Fantastic work. I completely imagine these pieces displayed at home!

I can't help but see the tie in with the conceptual piece and the watercolor. I totally would display them together!

Big range of work with fantastic technique.

Great watercolor from the first day!

The energy went into the hand and just kept making work. Great job!

Total focus all the time. Knocked out in one day- fantastic!

I really enjoyed this group. A special thanks to Jen, Rachel and the amazing Sara Bautista. Sara pushed the joy of the last two weeks over the top!

I hope everyone enjoys the remainder of their summer. Please come by the SHC art room and visit me if you get a chance next year.

Thanks again,
Mr. McHugh