Sunday, June 22, 2014

I want to thank everyone for a fantastic week. It was a great group.

The confidence and comfortable manner in which everyone would sit down in the middle of the city and start drawing was exceptional. In this short but intense week I noticed a distinguishable jump in skill level both technical and conceptual. I would hope all the students enjoyed their experience and that they will continue to take advantage of this personal method of experiencing life.

Enjoy the rest of your summer and keep up the sketchbooking!

- Mr. McHugh

Friday, June 20, 2014

Day 5 STC


10 am - Meet in De Paul Art Room #704

Class presentation- Using your sketchbook notes and drawings create a linear narrative from your week to assist you in delivering a 5 minute presentation showing your thought process of traveling from one point to another.



For the first day, a black and white silhouette is based on the tower in Japantown. 

 This simple sketch of the citywide was observed from the deYoung tower. 

 Also from the de Young tower, a multimedia pen over watercolor piece of the 
Golden Gate Bridge. 

 This cartoon like colored pencil was created in Dolores Park. 

 Finally, the Coit Tower, as observed from Washington Square Park is made from a spectrum of pen widths.


Planting pot with neutral colors in Japantown.

Landscape sketch of the Golden Gate Bridge with three different mediums.

California poppies on a card found in the Green Apple bookstore.

 Sketch of a palm tree in Dolores Park with plenty of negative space.

Two friends sitting in the park in North Beach. 


 This is what happens when I have no direction and a pen.

  A quick sketch of the statue in front of the De Young Museum.

 I wanted to use watercolors. So why not paint the watercolors themselves?

I found this ceramic in a shop on Clement.

 A Dia de Los Muertos theme mixed with inspirations from the Mission.


Nike Roshe. My first successful sketch I outlined the shoe in pen to detail the contour of 
the shoe.

 Bart people. I created a line from youngest to oldest using a big permanent marker.

 GGB. I used all sorts of different mediums to create this piece of work including water color, pencil, pen, and water color pencil.

Mission truck. This truck really encompasses the day. It was a very beat up truck but I added the color because of the missions many wall murals.

 Coit Tower. I started to use pencil strokes and values to add detail to my drawing.



 Japantown tower: A rough sketch of the tower located in Japantown.

Tree: Lightly colored sketch of small tree in the courtyard of Japantown 

 Flower: Pen-Outlined flower drawing from a painting in the Mission.

Toucan: Lightly colored sketch of a taxidermied toucan. 
Chair: light sketch of a detailed chair.


This is a simple skyline of San Francisco that depicts it's trademark look. It is only the surface of San Francisco, however. The simple lines and shapes add to the simplicity of this "postcard" look.

  This is an adaptation of the plaza in the San Francisco Art Institute. The welcome sign is intended to catch one's eye and lure him or her to discover what lies beneath the surface of the city. It signifies they there is a deeper meaning to SF.
This collage signifies the hopes and dreams of the people within San Francisco. It has many symbols and boldlines to demonstrate the contrast between the surface of the city and the many layers beneath.

This sketch is an adaptation of a street corner in the Mission. It mainly shows the strong Latino heritage that exists in this area, with symbols of hope, family and most 
importantly love.  

This is a sketch of the park in North Beach, after a particular experience with a stranger. His rambling left an impression of strong religious and cultural background, so this sketch demonstrates the thoughts of the people listening to him.
Japantown tower: Originally drawn in pencil, I went over this sketch in pen to emphasize the geometric quality of the tower.

DeYoung tower: I used a brush pen to highlight the unique shape of this tower.

Clement street: I sketched in pencil before going over with ballpoint pen for detail. 

St. Peter and Paul church: This drawing is made with brush pen and water color pencil. Afterward, I brushed water over it to give it texture. 

My yard: This is the view from my bedroom window, drawn with brush pen and watercolor.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Day 4 STC


North Beach

10 am - Meet in the courtyard entrance to The San Francisco Art Institute

800 Chestnut St

12 noon Lunch at Molinari’s Deli 

2 pm - Dismissal from The San Francisco Art Institute

The courtyard at The San Francisco Art Institute

Sketch: Brian McHugh

The Diego Rivera Gallery 

The artist 

Joining the party on Lombard St. 

Zuzka and Victoria channel their inner tourist 

Washington Square Park 

Making some new friends 

Lunch at Molinaries 

 The gang

Watch out Nicole! 

Walter and McBean Gallery at SFAI

 Smiley Kiley

Olivia likes pigs 

On top of SFAI 

Library at SFAI