Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Day 3 STC


The Mission

10 am - Meet at St. Francis Fountain

2801 24th St. San Francisco

12 noon Lunch at Taqueria Cancun (or TBD)

2 pm - Dismissal Dolores Park East Entrance @ 19th St.

St. Francis Fountain  

Beginning the 24th Street walk.

Nose ring 

Sirron Norris

Super kids! 

Lunch at La Corneta on Mission St

Sketch: Brian McHugh 

Spain vs Chile 

World Cup Fever on Mission 


Ornate Mission parking lot

Squeezed in art everywhere 

Band photo for album cover 

Clarion Alley 


Paxton Gate

Sketch: Brian McHugh 

I must of worn them out

Phones and sketchbooks 

Hasta manana salute


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