Sunday, July 13, 2014

Studio Art Camp this past week at SHC

I had a great time with this crew-

Pics of a few moments this week-

Tuesday in Japantown. 

Wednesday at the beginning of a full day of making an acrylic self portrait.

 Thursday's trip walking down Market Street. 

Roped this guy into an impromptu discussion on his process for stenciling. Ask your child if they remember when they started on this wall (answer: 3:30 am to project the image on the wall). 

Replacing an iPhone with a sketchbook!!!

Group portrait in the middle of craziness.

Students really enjoyed the Blick's Art Store.

Parading down the street to our next stop. 

Sketching in the Cartoon Art Museum.

Starting the Conceptual Self Portrait on Friday.

Jerry self portrait!

Feeling the happiness of the French!

I am the world!

Looking fancy!

Fire and Water!

All done before lunch!

Great focus!

With some theater as well!

Incredible detail!

Sara was amazing!!!

Fantastic abstraction!

Wow! All from their little heads!

How to draw Mickey.

Still at it late into Friday.

Still at it!

Sara still at it!
Finally all came together!

Everyone had fun, worked hard and great work was done by all. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Mr. McHugh

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