Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Pet Portrait AE at SHC

Pet Portraits

You love your pet, and you love to create. Combine the two to make an endearing portrait of your special family member. No prior skill is required. Using photographic references and a variety of mediums, we will create representational and abstract drawings and paintings to keep or to share. Materials will be supplied.
Mr. Brian McHugh
June 8 to 12

10:00 to 2:00 Room 704
These students were right on with the program.
 Joey plans to move his pet birds out of his mother's dining room and replace them with this portrait.
 Victoria came back this summer and painted her first painting. Then the second. Wow.
Beautiful expressive paintings by Sophie. Love to see more.

  Jennifer came in and knew exactly what she wanted. Very nice.
 Another successful first painting.
 Love Kristin's concept. The books represent all the books her dog consumed- literally.
 Amanda's very sensitively executed painting was a memorial to her cat. So sweet.
Kory blew me away with his first shot at acrylic painting.

These students were fantastic! All came in ready to go. They accepted input well and did not stop until they got the results they wanted. I was impressed with each and everyone of them. I hope they all continue on with painting.

Good work guys!

Mr. McHugh

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